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Our Stolen Future is a scientific detective story that explores the emerging science of endocrine disruption: how some synthetic chemicals interfere with the ways that hormones work in humans and wildlife.

This web site, www.ourstolenfuture.org, is the web home for the authors of Our Stolen Future, where we provide regular updates about the cutting edge of science related to endocrine disruption. We will also post information about ongoing policy debates, as well as new suggestions about what you can do as a consumer and citizen to minimize risks related to hormonally-disruptive contaminants.

We want to make it easy for you to quickly get up-to-date information about this issue, to get some insights into what new scientific findings mean in a broader context, to explore the existing scientific literature and to find ready access to other places on the web that carry information about endocrine disruption.

Anyone who has followed this issue or watched the response to the book knows that not everyone agrees with our interpretation of the science or with our recommendations. Advances in science are always surrounded by debate--and we think that's healthy. So we've included references to a range of the critics' publications and even links to their web sites. Go see for yourself.






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